The possibilities are endless, and so are the skills that can be of practical value to you.’s Presentation Design for Smart People class can be accessed for three months on the site for just 99 cents, according to a current promotion. The 3+ hour course covers narrative arc, the three types of presentations, and storyboards. The latter half of the class entails graphic design and visual hierarchy as well as helpful dos and don’ts for fonts and colors. The program includes one well designed visually pleasing presentation that you will present to the class.

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They apply to any area of your life, even if you haven’t started a business yet. Yes, organizing and cleaning are valuable skills regardless of age and what you do in life. bins oldham Learning how to organize your stuff and maintain cleanliness can help you focus on your task, relax your mind, elevate your mood, and be more efficient and productive. If you’re at a business lunch with a client who lives in another country, learn to greet them and say “thank you” in their native language. But if you are not working, learning another language, even just the basic words, can help you a lot.

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If you aren’t used to the vocabulary, it can seem pretty daunting. Secondly, the process seems super complicated and overwhelming — not to mention, painfully boring. The most common phenomenon I have seen is that people who specialise in a specific trade suffer from a narrow field of expertise. Now I’m not one to claim specialisation is bad in general.

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If you use LinkedIn , your profile should be properly written and optimised so the right people can find you. Instead of resolving not to do something – why not resolve to do something useful instead? And it doesn’t come much more useful than learning a new skill. Driver or not, this is good to know as you’ll probably experience a breakdown at some point in your life. Whether you’ve always wanted to speak French, German, or something more exotic, now is the time to learn. While this might not be a necessity for everyone, learning how to properly budget for a debt payoff journey can be incredibly valuable.

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Your teenager may also change as an individual, leading to changes in their personal or professional goals. Remember, teenage brains are going through a major change. Therefore, empathize with them where possible and understand that they are still learning to manage emotions and stay calm.

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For guidance on how investing works, read our guide to investing for beginners. The Personal MBA remains our favorite introduction to the fundamentals of business. It’s concise, full of useful examples, and easy to reference. It’s easy to feel intimidated when discussing money with your boss. But if you don’t ask, you’re unlikely to get a raise .

In fact, creativity comes in fits and bursts for most people. Without a defined goal, you’re just a hamster running in its wheel. And a lousy one at that since research shows that mental fatigue drastically impacts physical performance as well. What you need is to develop the skill of decluttering your brain and find your purpose, drive, and reason.